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Body Revival has provided the best in personal training within the Wollongong area for over 5 years. Our focus is to motivate and educate our clients in order to achieve overall fantastic health; mentally and physically. We are focused on improving quality of life, longevity and overall well-being. Our fully qualified and supportive staff are here to inspire and guide you through your life changing journey. We not only give you the tools and secrets for success but we are also able to educate and provide insight into why we train the way we do. There is no screaming, no “boot camp style training” and no focus on the scales. It’s all about looking and feeling great, inside and out. So come and be a part of the Body Revival family and we promise you won’t be disappointed! Take the first step to see what is possible and before you know it, you will be doing the impossible!
Personal Training

Just Looking To Improve Your fitness?

The Revival Package

A Specially Designed Package Focused On: Exercise, Nutrition, Motivation and Goal Setting.

Private Groups

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You wont get lost in the crowd

The Revival Program

Do you truly need to overhaul your health and fitness? Well, you are in the right place. At Body Revival we have created a complete program that takes the guesswork out of Exercise and Nutrition. The Revival Program is designed to give you the information that can truly change your life. We help you to create a blueprint to your health success through easy to understand nutrition, comprehensive full body workouts and most importantly effective motivation skills. Most personal trainers just take you through a workout and say “see you next week”, but in the revival program you have access to our private forum where we provide you with Videos, Recipes, Exercises and More to aid your pursuit health. We provide real results for real people and help them get to a healthy weight range and stay there. The Revival Program is not about becoming “shredded”, it’s about feeling proud about the body you have earned.

  • Satisfaction

    We provide a money back 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our sessions

  • Dedication

    Body Revival trainers are dedicated to your goals. We make you a priority at every session

  • Education

    All Body Revival trainers are University educated

  • Results Guaranteed

    All results within The Revival Package are 100% guaranteed


Rhett Thomas Lee
Owner / Personal Trainer
As a personal trainer I wake up every morning to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. In my opinion, setting achievable goals and having a well structured plan is the only way to achieve your desired change.
Ryan Bailey
Strength & Conditioning Coach / Personal Trainer
Whether it’s individual coaching or group/team training, Ryan’s personal approach and enthusiasm ensure your experience is challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.


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