Back and Bicep Workout

Is your Back needing a little bit of love? Are your Biceps feeling a little deflated? Well don’t Worry, Our Trainer Rhett is here to help you out with a great Back and Bicep workout that will make you feel the burn. It’s too easy to fall into the same old habits when exercising, so you need to add a little bit of flavour into your workouts then start with some new equipment. The CrankIT Suspension trainer is a great tool for anyone looking to get fit! You can perform a wide range of exercises that incorporate functional movement patterns that target multiple¬†muscle groups across the body, leaving every muscle fatigued. When you combine this amazing tool with some good old Dumbbells, you create a recipe for a great workout.

Within our Body Revival Persona Training Sessions we use a wide range of equipment to help you achieve the body you desire. From CrankIT Suspension trainers to air bikes, Dumbbells to Kettlebells… We have you covered across a wide range of functional training methods. So sit back and enjoy another great Body Revival Workout Video