A fool proof system for goal success

Goal setting is a major part of any fitness journey, but sometimes these goals are a little out of order or disorganised. Fitness Goals wollongongToday we will help you spring clean your fitness cupboard of goals and get everything neat, tidy and organised.

Most people have a few fitness goals they want to achieve when they start a new exercise program. This is great, goals help us to keep motivated and provide some concrete targets for our fitness journey. But layering your goals can increase our success rate and help you achieve what’s most important to you. Use this system below to help breakdown your aspirations and create a concrete plan.

Goals – The larger over arching desire.

“lose 10kg’s before the wedding in 9 weeks time”

This Large target is the main desire for you to undertake this new program. It should be so big, that if you don’t achieve it, then you will be disappointed in yourself.

Sub-Goals – Smaller achievable steps that will gauge your progress towards the overall goal.

“get to the gym 6 days in a row”, “ run up mount Keira in 20min”, “fit into a size 14 dress”.

These sub-goals are extremely important because they will give you the ongoing motivation to keep working. They should be a true representation of your commitment work towards your goal.

Steps – everyday achievements you need to complete

“eat only healthy meals today”, “take my multi-vitamins”, “work my butt off in my personal training session today”

Don’t be fooled by these small steps, they are the building block to success and are truly they hardest ones to master.

By breaking down your goals into these subsections you can create an easy to manage action plan for yourself. So start with the big picture, What do you want to achieve? Then proceed from there. It takes a little more planning but the sweet success will be worth it.

If you need any additional help sorting out your health and fitness goals then give Rhett an email, He will happily help you out