Back and Bicep Workout

Back and Bicep workout is a great way to start your week. So is your Back needing a little bit of love? Are your Biceps feeling a little deflated? Well don’t Worry, Our Trainer Rhett is here to help you out with a great Back and Bicep workout that will make you feel the burn. It’s too easy to fall into the same old habits when exercising, so you need to add a little bit of flavour into your Back and Bicep workout then start with some new equipment. The CrankIT Suspension trainer is a great tool for anyone looking to get fit! You can perform a wide range of exercises that incorporate functional movement patterns that target multiple muscle groups across the body, leaving every muscle fatigued. When you combine this amazing tool with some good old Dumbbells, you create a recipe for a great Back and Bicep workout.

Within our Body Revival Personal Training Sessions, we use a wide range of equipment to help you achieve the body you desire. From CrankIT Suspension trainers to Air Assault bikes, Dumbbells to Kettlebells… We have you covered across a wide range of functional training methods. So sit back and enjoy another great Body RevivalBack and Bicep workout Video.

If you are in need of fitness overhaul or just want us to design you a personalised Back and Bicep workout for your own program, then call us. Body Revival head trainers are all University qualified in the fields of Health Science. We provide you with proven methods to increase your health and fitness, backed by clinical science. This systemised approach to exercise provides our clients with amazing results. For this reason you have nothing to fear with Body Reviavl, No lock-in contracts and no memberships. Just great training in Wollongong. Call us on 0451534061 to book in for a trial session.

Back and Bicep workout