Be More Productive In The Morning. part 2

Now you have sorted out all your bits and pieces the night before, you can wake up with ease and be ready to start your productive day at the drop of a hat. Awesome… But wait, you don’t want to get out of bed because its warm and your feeling sleepy. ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz

That’s Ok, I’ve got you covered.

Sleep is important for health and Fitness

Let’s start with timing and go from there. It’s extremely important to keep to regular sleeping times, This means going to bed and waking up at roughly the same times each day. This can be be-more-productive-in-the-morning-part-2hard, especially when you have work, kids, assignments, commitments and parties… but try to give yourself a strict bedtime and waking time (plus ensuring you get your 8hrs of sleep). Studies have shown that lack of sleep can increase your ability to put on weight, so keep your bedtime in mind. It should be as strict as your gym routine or personal training session.

Pick a time which suits you! Let’s say 6.15am, Place a nice gentle alarm to slowly increase in intensity at 6.05am, this should just be enough to wake you from your slumber. Soon as you can place a light on within the room (light helps to slow down the release of chemical melatonin) and play some music, All these little aspects will help to get you moving. Now set the most annoying alarm you have for 6.15am, this will surely get you moving. Trust me…

Get fit in the morning

If you exercise in the morning (or want to start exercising in the morning) you want to make sure you are effective and efficient, so gather up your (which you have organised the night before) and get moving. You should be able to make your transition from bed to gym with ease or as much ease as possible.

Once you are finished your epic gym session, reward yourself with a good coffee and a healthy breakfast.

Review your personal productivity

I love to do this, In the morning (doesn’t have to be every morning) take some time for you and reflect on yourself, be creative, connect and have fun. It is really important to add this into morning routine at some point during the week. I do this every Wednesday morning at a coffee shop and reflect on myself and what goals/achievement. Self Improvement and development is extremely important and you need to take a small amount of time each week for it. You deserve it
Become A Morning Person!