Fitness Advice From Jon Snow

Jon Snow Winter is ComingWell……. It’s officially winter in Wollongong. Unfortunately there is no snow just Intermittent rain and wind which seems to take the spring out of everyone’s step. At this time of year, we get a good look at all the people who give up training in pursuit of the elusive sleep-in, warm bed and extra meals. This can be an issue for some people, but not others, and why is that? Today we are going to investigate why some people can sail through winter with ease whilst others struggle and lose all the progress which they have made over the warmer months.

In winter it is easy to blow off training with the common excuses of “it’s cold, It’s too dark, it’s too early… etc… and this where most people fall down.people don’t adjust their training and expect their program to work all year round. This is the first BIG problem.

There is a reason why Jon Snow is always spouting on about winter, because he wants everyone to prepare of winter. If “Winter Is Coming” then get your ass into gear and set up a game plan so you don’t (get invaded by White Walkers… I mean) put on weight and lose your hard earned muscle. So taking Jon Snow’s advice let’s set out a training plan to keep you fit in winter. Consider the following options and how you can implement them into your life to maintain your body during the colder season.

New Training Time – Winter mornings are tough. The outside temperature can be extremely close to zero and you think that you will drag your butt out of bed for bootcamp. Well, it most likely won’t happen! If you miss more than 3 sessions in 2 weeks then consider the following. Try moving your training time to a Midday or afternoon time slot. It may take more juggling with other commitments (like; work, children, friends, family) but if you put your foot down you can make it happen and get the workout you need. Tweek your schedule to suit you and stick to it!

Change your intensity – This concept ties into the previous idea. Hypothetically, let’s say you normally get up at 6am and go for a medium to low intensity 50min run in the morning with 10min of stretching. If you find your sleeping in and deciding to skip your run then let’s change it up. Try for a 20min high to medium intensity run starting at 6.45am with some light stretching for 5min. If you up your intensity you might not cover the same amount of distance, but your body will get a vastly different workout by increasing the demand on muscles, joints and organs (lungs and heart).

Find some friends to help – Arranging to meet up with some friends will also hold you more accountable during the winter period. Creating a small activity group on facebook can help you to arrange a small group of people with relative ease with one common goal in mind. Though be careful of people who try to lead you astray to the coffee shop. They will only drag you down.

In the end, be prepared to change your training plan up. The training plan you set out for yourself in summer may not fit your personal habits in winter. So instead of fighting yourself just go with the flow and create a plan that truly fits your life. Winter is only here for three short months.