For the Ultimate “At Home” workout

Finding time to workout can sometimes be hard, tho not impossible! If you are the type of person who sometimes skips the daily workout due to life getting in the way, then finding a quick workout solution that fits into your day is necessary. Below is a list of 3 household items that can be incorporated into your Ultimate At Home Workout!

Number one, A skateboard. A skateboard can be used in a variety of ways to create an unstable surface to workout on. The wheels provide easy movement on tiles, floorboards, outdoor surfaces and even some carpets. So, if you have a skateboard lying around the house, use it in your next routine. Here is a link to a great Youtube clip that demonstrates a challenging skateboard workout.

Number two, a Towel. On hardwood floors, a towel can slide quiet easily by utilising this smooth surface you can challenge your upper and lower body whilst also working your core (with most exercises). Exercises like swimmers, lunges and circle push-ups can be extremely challenging, even for gym veterans, so throw them in your next “Ultimate At Home Workout”

Number three, a chair. The final part of your Ultimate At Home Workout is a Chair. Yes! a chair can get you fit and help you maintain you physique. Exercises like Squats, dips, step-ups, side-kicks push-ups, crunches and lots lots more, can all be done with the assistance of a chair. One of the great benefits of a chair workout is that exercises can be modified for the participant, making them easier or harder, by just changing body positions. Also a chair workout can be made to be low impact, so even people with injuries can get a solid workout without fear of further damage.

So it doesn’t matter if you live in Fairy Meadow, Wollongong or on the other side of the earth , a skateboard, a towel and a chair can help you maintain your body if you are finding it hard to squeeze in a workout.