How a good team can get you better results

Losing weight and breaking bad habits can be difficult areas to effectively change. People try really hard with good dietsBody Revival, Phyxit, Core & Activate and daily exercise but sometimes see no results or encounter setbacks along the way, This may be due to injuries from incorrect exercises or ineffective dieting techniques. Though if this does happen to you then all is not lost, a good network of allied health professionals can get you back on track. So today we are going to give a shout out to some of the great professionals that we work closely with to help you get your body back in order.

A good physiotherapist is hard to find due to the complexities of human body and the amount of knowledge needed to adequately diagnose and treat injuries. For this reason Body Revival has developed a fantastic relationship with Phyxit Physio and Injury Clinic over the past 3 years. Their attention to detail is second to none and they have proven themselves as a staple for any REHAB program. The Phyxit crew provide us with detailed reports of client’s progress and how both Physio and PT can work together for the best results. We cannot say enough good things about Phyxit Physio and Injury Clinic.

Diet is a major part of any health journey and for this reason Activate Eat Live Move is our first port of call for any nutrition advice. Kate Battocchio (Sports Dietitian & Exercise Physiologist) has a world of knowledge under her belt and has aided in the weight management of clients who have truly struggled poor nutrition. Kate is a must see for any diet related information, so next time you are in need of a great Dietitian contact Kate.

Core Naturopathics rounds out the great list of local business which we happily refer our clients to for the best results. Core offer a large variety of services and can help you in more areas then you might know. The team up at Woonona are extremely friendly and are happy to help out in any way possible. So check out their website for more details and an extensive list of services.

Body Revival highly endorsees Phyxit Physio and Injury Clinic, Activate Eat Live Move and Core Naturopathics. In respect for complete transparency Body Revival receives no money for promoting these businesses, nor was this a paid advertisement for any of these businesses. We believe in promoting great local businesses who provide outstanding results for our clients.