How to keep fit whilst on a holiday.

Exercising on a holiday sounds like a crazy idea because most of us just sit around a pool drinking cocktails, though theKeep Fit On HOLIDAYS WITH BODY REVIVAL idea isn’t as crazy as you might think. In this post, we have 3 great ways to maintain your fitness level whilst having an amazing holiday.

It is important to relax and unwind on a holiday but there is a fine balance between enjoying yourself and losing all that progress you have made, so planning your exercise on a holiday is a great way to keep your body on track. At the moment I am in Bali on a great 9 day holiday for some Rest and Relaxation, though I planned my holiday to include what I love best… Surfing

This leads us into the first golden rule. Plan an active holiday. During the first 3 days of my holiday I surfed for a total of 11 hours and boy was I bugged. You don’t have to go to the same extent as me, But you can do this with your holidays as well. Find an activity which you love and do it till your heart is content. That can be walking/sightseeing, bike riding, skiing, etc, These are all activities that take a lot of energy to do but can have a great payoff for your body. So get out there and get active

The second golden rule… Book a hotel with a gym. On the fourth day of my holiday the swell went down and as of such there was no waves to surf. So I hit the gym within the hotel for a solid back, chest and arm workout. It was good to through around some weights and challenge my body in an unfamiliar setting. I had to get a little experimental with some pieces of equipment, but it was a great workout. So when you’re planning your next trip, book a hotel with a gym.

The third and final rule… In room workouts. The Internet is a great resource for quick and easy workouts, so why not use it. If you jump onto Youtube and have a hunt around, you will find some great workouts that require no equipment and little space. These can all be done in the privacy of your hotel room. I recommend the channel “blogilates” for quick and run workouts.

On your next holiday don’t but lay around and lose all your hard work. Add a little exercise into your daily routine and feel great.