Its Hip To Be Mobile

Keeping with the Mobility theme for June, This week we are venturing into the essential area of Hip Mobility and how keeping your hips moving can help you achieve a better quality of life. The hips are a key feature of our body that allow us to move freely across multiple planes of movement with relative easy. The act of squatting, kneeling, lunging and hip hinging are all essential for training, but without mobile hips these actions become extremely hard and risk damage to other internal structures.
At Body Revival we have created a program which is specifically designed to address immobile joints and we add a range of specific exercises into our warm up and cool down segments of our training sessions. We use the combination of dynamic/static stretches coupled with mobility and stability exercises that aid in creating healthy joints. Unfortunately, not every one of our readers are clients, so today I thought I would share some great exercises which we conduct regularly.


Piriformis StretchGlute-Stretch

Cross the leg further, then shift your hips fully to the other side, pulling your knee up to the opposite shoulder.

Remember to go gently into and out of the stretch, and use a little pressure from your hands to resist against the muscles you want to stretch.



This classic stretch is very useful for the groin muscles, and for improving hip rotation to the side.

Pay close attention to your back and keep it straight and upright as you move through the stretch.


with both knees bent and rhythmically rotating to move in and out of the stretch of the front bent leg.Pigeon Stretch

As you warm up you’ll then work on straightening the back leg behind you.

Take your time and gradually work on putting more weight through the bent front leg.



Here are 3 amazing mobility exercises for hips, So add them into you routine today and feel the benefits.