Morning Routine For Success

If you have a good morning routine that is effective, your entire day becomes easier, there is no doubt about it. I have Blog Post Morning Routinelost count of the amount of times where I have been running around my house like a “chicken with his head cut off”, trying to get organised for work. Then I run out the door and forget something essential for the day, like my; wallet, phone, laptop… or everything. It ruins my morning and causes me more stress than it worth. So I decided to put in place a foolproof routine which anyone can do. This system will help you step into your day on the right foot, its time to give you the essential morning routine for success.

A good morning starts 8 hours earlier, in the night before. Sitting down and making a list of following day’s activities is a good place to start because it will focus your thoughts on the day to come. Write down what you have coming up and any equipment you might need. For example, spare phone batteries, healthy snacks, etc. By organising it all on paper you have a chance to move around the house and place anything you need in a convenient location, without forgetting.

My bag consists of a Water Bottle, Gym Clothes, Change of Clothes, Laptop (+charger), Notepad, Micro USB Cable, Pens, Highlighter and finally Food. Without a well-packed bag my day goes to junk, so don’t let it happen to you.

Now that your bag is packed lets move onto clothes. A quick scan on Google and you can check out tomorrow’s weather forecast. This will help you decide what is the most appropriate clothing to wear; from there lay out the items is a convenient place ready to go. This saves time and prevents you running around trying to find a clean shirt. So our bag is packed and our clothes ready, lets move onto breakfast

Breakfast is the move important meal of the day, so make sure you eat it!!! My mornings don’t give me the time sit down and have a bowl of cereal or some lovely poached eggs. This is why I have a liquid breakfast that is pre-prepared the night before and only takes seconds 45 seconds to make. They consist of Berries, Oats, Chia Seeds, Almonds, Protein powder and lots of other good stuff. If you want more great smoothie and juice recipes, check out our Instagram page or next week’s blog. These liquid breakfasts are great for the morning rush and taste amazing. Most of my clients see me walking around in the morning with a large smoothie before opening up the studio in the morning.

Mornings can be hard to wake up for, but if you take the 20min the night before to prepare your day, then a bad morning can become a great one. Remember organisation is key for success.