My Week

Hey Everyone

Its Rhett here and I thought I’d break down my week and show you what my exercise plan is for my week. Due to my University degree and work I have limited time in the week, so a plan is key for my success.

  • Monday – Recovery day. Generally a busy business work day so with my current timetable I rest on mondays
  • Tuesday – Gym (chest & tri’s).
  • Wednesday – Gym (back and Bi’s) + Oz tag at night
  • Thursday – functional workout (TRX, kettlebells and rehab), depending on how the body is feeling will determine my intensity. Also Thursday is an extremely busy work and university day so if I don’t get it all in I’m not too bothered.
  • Friday(funday) – Bike ride, surf, run, swim or anything fun.
  • Saturday – Gym (Shoulders, core and Rehab). I try to get my session done early in the morning, because something always pops up in the afternoon.
  • Sunday – Gym (legs) and a surf

As you can see I try to change it up and have fun with my program. If something does pop up then I will move my program around to make up for it. So there is my program and if you would like any help or tips creating your very own program then drop us a line, we can help you create the body you have always desired.