Best Outdoor Exercise Locations In Wollongong

Best Outdoor Exercise Locations In Wollongong

As a personal trainer who has been working in the Wollongong area for 7 years, I have done a fair few exercise sessions in various places around Illawarra region. So for this Blog, I thought I’d provide you guys with the top 3 outdoor places to train in the Wollongong area. Remember this is a personal choice and it combines a few factors such as; outdoor space, parking, atmosphere amenities and infrastructure.

Three: Mt Keira

Mt Keira is an amazing area of Wollongong which is also a great place to exercise at. The challenging incline of the mountain will leave your legs burning after the sharp accent which tapers out at the track continues. But don’t worry, the beautiful view just a few minutes of walking will take the pain away from your legs. The bonus about this track is the small grass areas along the accent which you can do bodyweight exercises if you please. Add some push-ups, squats, lunges etc into your workout to truly get the benefit of this mountainous area.

Two: University of Wollongong / Botanical Gardens

Located right next to the MT Keira track entrance is the stunning Wollongong Botanical Gardens and University of Wollongong. This area has to be one of the most amazing garden areas New South Wales. The wide paths, undulating terrain and stair areas make this the perfect area to train at and a runner’s dream. The area is surrounded by manicured gardens which seamlessly blend into modern architecturally designed buildings of the Wollongong University Campus. This area is designed for interval training with its open fields, winding paths and small stair areas. I’d recommend step ups on a bench, Incline pushups and some hard sprints. If you happen to get tired of exercising, you can easily find a sneaky coffee and just relax under the 100-year-old trees which scatter the area.

One: Wollongong Lighthouse / Belmore Basin / North Wollongong Beach

It’s probably no surprise that the Wollongong foreshore is the most popular area to exercise at. If you are local to the Illawarra, you would know how busy this area can be. It’s by far an amazing place to exercise at with numerous personal training companies using the Stuart Park and W.A.Lang Park as their home grounds. The abundance of sand, small hills, long paths, grass areas are second to none and for this reason, the Wollongong Foreshore is by far the best place to exercise in the Wollongong area. The only gripes I see with this area is the abundance of people during peak times, so if you prefer your privacy maybe head over to the Wollongong Botanic Gardens. If you do want to exercise on the foreshore, then I’d recommend swimming laps at the Free Continental salt water pool then a light sand run through the harbour. It will really get you burning
If you would like to conduct any personal training in the beautiful Wollongong area then give our head trainer Rhett a call on 0451534061. Our company Body Revival Personal Fitness Solutions offer both Indoor training at our private studio on Fairy Meadow and Outdoor Training at W.A. Lang park Wollongong.