November 27, 2014

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are the best way to fast-track your fitness success in Wollongong. Your dedicated trainer will be there to help motivate, instruct, and support you during each exercise of your very own tailored workout. Our Personal Trainers customise each session according to you. This means that every workout focuses on the most effective training techniques to help you achieve your own health goals.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are so much more than regular gym classes, which can be dull and repetitive. Body Revival Personal training provides structure to your health and fitness program so that you can accomplish exactly what you want!  With the help from our expert trainers, we teach you specific training and self-motivation techniques which maximise your progress. This will also keep you progressing into the future without relapsing into old habits. Our personal trainers offer support, encouragement and guidance throughout every session.  whilst creating challenging and well-structured sessions that will keep you wanting more.

You can tailor your workout just the way you want by talking to our trainers about the particular training techniques you enjoy most. So if you enjoy TRX then our trainers are more than happy to incorporate that particular type of training into your program. Body Revival’s head trainer Rhett Thomas-Lee is a Wollongong University Graduate and has studied in the fields of Exercise Science, Nutrition and Public Health. This means that you are in the hands of the most capable personal trainers in Wollongong.

Here at Body Revival, we understand that our clients often have demanding schedules. So we provide our services from 5am to 9pm Monday to Saturday at our private studio located in Fairy Meadow Wollongong. The studio is a functional training facility equipt with TRX suspension trainers; Kettlebells, Corebags, Battleropes and lots of other great toys.