Be More Productive In The Morning. Part 1

Productive morning is a good morning and your morning routine is a defining moment of your day! It determines whether you will be productive today or constantly behind the 8 ball. A good morning routine sounds like a basic “No Brainer”Productive morning person and how you can become one idea, but in all honesty, it is pivotal for success.

A good morning routine starts the night before by taking 5min to plan the next day. So here is your checklist for the night before:

Night time checklist

  • Look at tomorrow’s calendar and know you schedule
    • Make any small adjustments or key notes to remember
      • If you have a big day planned, make a quick checklist to follow. It will same time and keep you efficient
  • Sort out a time for exercise
    • Make sure you schedule this time free and don’t overlap it with anything else. Training is essential for a clear mind and a healthy body
  • Sort out your meals and snacks
    • What meals are you going to eat and do you need to prep anything for tomorrow. Try to have your food prepared in small containers for ease, saves stuffing around in the morning.
  • Sort out your clothes according to the day’s events/weather
    • If you are exercising, make sure you place your clothes in an easy to access area for first thing in the morning or pack them in your training bag
  • Place everything on charger’s and in the one spot
    • Keys
    • Wallet
    • Phone
    • Laptop

These key activities only take a few minutes, but will ensure that the morning flows well. Now that you are organised for the morning, get to bed and rest.

Next week we will take you through an ideal morning routine and how to get the most out of your day!

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