Shoulder Pain

Maintaining good mobility throughout the entire body is vital for moving correctly. More commonly we are seeing new clients presenting with tight hips, backs and shoulders, which is causing pain and discomfort throughout the body. Limited movement or “tight muscles” has a number of severe health risks for the body, so today we are going to investigate shoulder mobility and how you can fix your upper body.

Poor shoulder movement can prevent us from exercising correctly due to the fact that correct muscles are not engaging to preform the desired movement. Fortunately, you can overcome shoulder pain and immobility fairly easily if you address the issues properly.


The Pectoral muscles are incredibly strong muscles and can become tight (causing the shoulders to round) quite easily. Try using a doorframe to stretch your chest for some much deserved relief.

  • Stand at the end of  a wall or in doorway facing perpendicular to wall. Place inside of bent arm on surface of wall. Position bent elbow shoulder height.
  • Turn body away from positioned arm. Hold stretch. Repeat with opposite arm.


Ensuring that you can properly reach overhead is a must for any overhead pressing movement. It’s vital that the lat’s and the muscles of the rotator cuff engage correctly for this movement to occur, without shoulder rounding or shrugging. To correct this movement;

  • Stand with your back and heels against a flat wall.
  • Extend your arms straight out to your sides, with your palms facing out (the backs of your hands against the wall).
  • Bend your arms to move your forearms into an upright position (move your arms to a 90-degree angle).
  • Carefully raise your arms above your head, keeping them flat against the wall.
  • Good flexibility allows you to fully extend your arms and touch your hands together while keeping your arms, elbows, and wrists touching the wall at all times

Free hanging

Stretching the muscles within the back can be hard, but one great way of hitting most of the muscles in one quick hit is hanging. This one is pretty easy and can be done at any park and it only takes a few seconds. Just find a stable bar to hold from and let you body weight drop away. Try to support your body for along as you can and let gravity do the rest. Nice and easy

There you go, Three great shoulder mobility exercises which can help you reclaim your movement.