Spring into fitness

Its spring and it’s the time of the year where those people who hibernated over winter say “Sh&!t, I really have to get into shape”. This time of year is great for those dedicated people who can stick to a training routine for the next 12 weeks and look great for summer. But for those people who find fitness a chore, it’s really hard to find something enjoyable yet effective. So the really question is… what is the right Fitness Training for you?

The Wollongong fitness market is extremely diverse, so people all over the Illawarra have a great choice in what type of fitness training the do. The CBD alone has over 40 different training companies to choose from which does make things difficult. We have our BIG 24 hour Gyms like Club Lime, Anytime Fitness and Jetts fitness. We also have a lot of smaller independent training companies like Body Revival Personal Fitness Solutions, Savvy Fitness, Chodate Fitness which provide great service and a more personal touch. There is also “Crossfit Boxes” like; Crossfit Northgong and JAK’s. So with all this choice, how do you find the right one?

Well here is a fool proof system to finding the right gym or personal trainer in Wollongong! Just answer these …… Questions

What do I want to achieve and what’s the timeframe? This may seem like a really stupid or basic question but it’s really important. If you have a specific goal you want to achieve in 4 months’ time (look hot for your summer holiday to the gold coast) then you have a few restrictions already placed on you. Firstly time, a specific time period is great for motivation but what happens after the holiday. If you have a short time period then I would recommend staying away from the Big Gyms which lock you down into a 24 MONTH CONTRACT. It might be great deal at the start but you could potentially pay for it in the long run.

How much motivation I you have? This is a big one! If you do not have the motivation to get up and moving then you probably won’t go and train. If this is the case then I would recommend getting a personal trainer. It’s more expensive than just a gym membership but it’s an appointment each week that you can’t break. A good trainer will keep you accountable for your fitness. Personally I think this is the best place to start. Also another good part about personal training is that, most of the time there’s no contract, just the weekly session rate. It will end up being cheaper than a 24month gym contract

How much do you want it? If something is a priority in life then generally you will value it higher in you hierarchy of needs. So make sure you pick a style of training that you enjoy and like, Don’t just settle. So many people go to the first gym or Personal trainer in Wollongong they see and think that everyone is the same. There not! I kinda thing about this like coffee. There are some great cafés out there that look amazing but there coffee is crap! Same with Wollongong personal trainers and gyms they may look good on the outside by the quality of service or knowledge might be crap. So be careful and don’t just go with the first one you see, try them all out and talk to the trainers. Make sure you they know their stuff. If not, you will be the one who ends up paying for it with physio sessions.

Do I see myself coming here, for real? Do think about this like… “I’d like to see myself coming here during my lunch break and workout”. Think about it like… do I like the trainers, do I like the other clients here, is this a comfortable place for me? These answers to these questions will well and truly give let you if you have made the right choice.