Food Additive Numbers – What do they mean?

Should we avoid all food additive numbers? There is plenty of media drawing attention to the effects that sugar and refined grains are having on our waistline and the growing obesity epidemic but, what about those random food additive numbers that keep popping up on nutritional labels? Are any of them safe and which ones Read more about Food Additive Numbers – What do they mean?[…]

Massaman Curry

So we took a shortcut with this recipe and used a jar of Massaman Curry Paste to save loads of time. You can make your own but you will need a lot of ingredients and plenty of prep time. A traditional, massaman curry usually calls for beef and potatoes. But, that’s the thing about tradition, sometimes Read more about Massaman Curry[…]

Winter Warmer – Chili Recipe

Chili Recipe So with winter arriving everyone needs a little winter warmer or comfort food to keep the cold at bay. Nothing better than a nice, big, heaping bowl of chili to warm you right up! This chili recipe is nice and easy, you only need to chop a couple of onions and then some Read more about Winter Warmer – Chili Recipe[…]

Rules For Eating Carbs

There are many rules for eating carbs so if you’re asking yourself any of these questions then this blog is definitely one for you! Am I eating too many carbs? There are different types of carbs? Should I avoid eating carbs?   Eating carbs in a low-moderate amount is a useful trick for losing body Read more about Rules For Eating Carbs[…]