8 Week Fitness Challenge Wollongong. Before and After results Body Revival

Fitness Transformation Wollongong

Our fitness transformation is called “56 For You” because the 56 days are dedicated to you learning how to create a healthier life for yourself. Our team guides and supports you through the entire journey by creating a customised Body Revival health and fitness blueprint which is designed around what you want to achieve. Nutrition Read more about Fitness Transformation Wollongong[…]

No Pain, No Gain? How Hard Should I Be Pushing Myself?

No Pain, No Gain? How Hard Should I Be Pushing Myself? You’re half way through a difficult session and you’ve had enough. You’re tired, your muscles ache and your trainer’s motivational words are no longer reaching your ears. You’ve heard the expression “no pain no gain” many times but what does it mean and when should Read more about No Pain, No Gain? How Hard Should I Be Pushing Myself?[…]

Massaman Curry

So we took a shortcut with this recipe and used a jar of Massaman Curry Paste to save loads of time. You can make your own but you will need a lot of ingredients and plenty of prep time. A traditional, massaman curry usually calls for beef and potatoes. But, that’s the thing about tradition, sometimes Read more about Massaman Curry[…]

Improve Your Running Efficiency

Improve Your Running Efficiency Want to run faster while using less energy? Here’s how to train your body to up your running game and improve your running efficiency! With the colder months now here, its officially running season again! Whether you’re just getting into running, hitting  up parkrun each week, or having bigger events like the city2surf, Read more about Improve Your Running Efficiency[…]