The perfect workout for any snow bunny

The snow is finally starting to fall and so far in Australia the ski season has been decimated by warm weather and inconsistent snow dumps. With this in mind you have probably disregarded your training to stay fit and healthy for the snow season. So below are 3 areas and a few exercises to get your body fit for those long days on the slopes.

Glut strength is vital for both skiers and boarders, the muscles help to stabilise our legs and hips whilst enabling us to transfer power through the body. Hip Bridges, Sumo Squats and Clamshells are my top picks for developing a strong butt. These exercises target our Hamstrings, Quads and the 3 glut muscles, butt most importantly they target the glut med, which is generally weak in most people.

Now for the Legs. There is nothing worse then deconditioned legs on the mountain and the lactic acid burn that comes along with it. It reminds you that you are not as fit as you were last year and maybe you should have woken up and gone to training in the lead up to the big snow trip. All is not lost tho; Timed wall seats, Jump Squats and lateral lunge are my picks for getting those legs back up to scratch. Ensuring that you have good strength through both your slow twitch muscle fibres (endurance) and fast twitch muscle fibres (power) will guarantee a fun time on the slopes.

Finally, loosening up tight muscles are vital for good movement for both skis and snowboards. Stretching different muscles (if tight) will help you prevent injuries from occurring. Hip-flexor stretch, quad stretch and a glut stretch will help to release muscle tension, increase range of motion and aid in mobility. All in all helping your body perform better on the mountain. If you plan your exercise routine out a few weeks in advance you will be fine to tackle even the toughest black run.

So there is it, three areas to focus on for a health snow body. If you want to know more about specific training techniques for any particular sport, then give us an email and we can help you achieve the results you desire.


Rhett Thomas-lee