Three House Hold Essentials For Keeping your Nutrition On Track

As I have said before on my blog and told hundreds of personal training clients, being prepared is essential in maintaining a healthy diet, NO BUTS ABOUT IT. Without forward thinking at the supermarket and some solid meal prep, you can do yourself great dietary harm by not being prepared for your week to come.

Even the best of the best fall down sometimes; whether it’s a friend eating you’re pre-prepared meal or a simple miss calculation at the supermarket. Sometimes you have to improvise your meals, so here are three household essentials to keep in your nutrition on track.

Heinz Easy Steam Bags – I love these little steam bags that are incredibly easy to use and will never go off. As most of you know, I am rarely in Wollongong over the weekend, often heading down the coast to surf or visiting friends. So keeping a heap of fresh veggie’s in the fridge will often result in wastage if I head away. Heinz Easy Steam Bags are a great way to combat wastage and are really healthy for you. Each bag can be ready in as little as 3 minutes and is full of Broccoli, Green Beans and Snow Peas. This is great for quick meals and requires little to no clean up.

Eggs – Eggs are one of my favourite foods and are a great source of protein. Eggs are extremely versatile and if stored correctly can have a relatively long shelf life. Keep some in the fridge for the next time you need a quick meal and I’m sure you will be happy for it.

Tinned Salmon – Have you ever been running late and needed a quick healthy snack on the way out the food. I have, and for that reason, I keep a few tin’s of salmon in the pantry. Quick, tasty and reasonably healthy.

We all have a diet hiccup every now and again, but don’t let is ruin your day. So keep these three household essentials in you pantry and to maintain your diet when you are tight for time. If you need help planning out your nutrition or exercise schedule give us an email.

Have Fun Guys and We Will See You Next Time.