Top 5 TRX Exercises to add into your home program

The TRX suspension training system is one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in the world. Most gyms have a functional training area which will have one TRX Suspension Trainer set up for clients to use, but it rarely gets used effectively. Other then TRX low Back Rows, most people don’t really know what to do with this piece of equipment. So today Body Revival will show you the top 5 TRX suspension training exercises for full body strength.

#5 TRX Burpee. We are coming out of the gates with an extremely demanding exercise which requires full body strength, core stability and stamina to complete. The TRX Burpee is an amazing exercise which works almost every muscle in the body as well as cardiovascular system. Be warned, this exercise is now for beginners.

#4 TRX Hip Press. With a new take on the hip press, the TRX adds an increased degree of flexion(bend) of the hips to increase load on the posterior(backside) muscles. Simply your glute’s and hamstrings are going to have to work a whole lot harder to help you through this movement.

#3 TRX Lunge. Lunges are hard enough as it is, but the TRX Lunge requires more hip and leg stability than you think. with one leg suspended within the TRX, The TRX lunge will force you to adopt muscles which you might compensate for, in a traditional lunge. The lack of stability will force you lower body and core to stay stable, making it one killer leg exercise.

#2 TRX Chest Press. Similar to the Push up,¬†the TRX chest press adds an element of instability to the movement requiring your muscles to work harder to perform the movement correctly. The TRX Chest Press is also a great alternative for individuals who find pushups, just too difficult. This exercise can be made easier or harder just by moving around the TRX’s anchor point.

#1 TRX W’s. With most people these days sitting at a computer for hours on end with bad posture,¬†individuals backs become weak, with the shoulders rounding forward due to the lack of muscle balance. The TRX W works the Lat’s, Delts, Rotator cuffs, Traps and rhomboids in one clean movement. This provides strength and mobility in a much-needed area, which people tend to neglect. With various degrees of difficulty depending on body position, the TRX W wins.

If you require more TRX Suspension Training Exercises, Workouts or How To videos, then check out our Youtube page. If you would like to try a TRX suspension training classes in Wollongong then contact Body Revival today! We provide the best TRX suspension training classes in the Illawarra area.