Warm Up Your Mornings

Getting in a Warm Up in the mornings can be hard, the cold weather just seems to suck the energy out of us and all we want to do is, rug up. My house is really cWarm Up with Body Revival Personal Fitness Solutionsold and getting up every morning at 5am can be a bit of a struggle, especially when it’s 5 degrees outside. But there are easy and quick solutions to help you warm up in a healthy way.

Warm Up with Hot water with lemon

You might be saying to yourself, that’s a no brainer…. A hot drink. But hot water with lemon is the perfect way to start your morning because it offers so many health benefits as well as warming up your belly.

  1. It helps to alkalize your body. Keeping your PH levels in balance is important for basic bodily function and by drinking hot water with lemon you not only help this process but you also awaken your liver, which helps to detoxify your body
  2. Warm up the GI tract. The Gastrointestinal tract needs to work at it best in order to absorb all the vital nutrients from the foods we consume. Hot water and Lemon switches on the GI tract preparing your body for the day ahead.
  3. Hydration hydration hydration. Commonly most people start their day with a cup of coffee. Coffee… (unfortunately) …dehydrates the body placing further demand on the Kidneys and Liver. So if you woke up dehydrated from a long lights sleep, then steer away from the coffee and head towards hot water with lemon. (dont worry you can have your coffee a little later)

This awesome strategy is a great solution for winter. Especially when exercising outdoors in Wollongong because we get those strong southerly winds which drive cold air up the coastline. If training outdoors isn’t your cup of “hot water with lemon” then try Body Revival. We provide indoor group classes in a boutique studio setting, perfect for those cold mornings. Call us Today for a free consult and personal training session – 0451534061