What’s Your Next Step?

Whats Your Next Step1People ask us all the time, “so what do I do next”… It’s the question that can see you push yourself to the next level, maintain your current state or regress back to where you once were. This deep question can plague us from time to time in our own life, so today we’re going to show you a fool-proof way to find out what your next step is!

Q. So where are you now?
Have a true think about where you are now and how far you have come. You might be pleased with your progress or slightly unimpressed. No matter what is, you need to take note on your current position. From here think about how much time/ effort you have had to put in to get to this point. This is vital step because it will determine your overall effort level and if you are able to squeeze a bit more out of your tank. If you have found that getting to this point was fine, easy and fun… then you are definitely ready for a larger challenge. Take a look at what you want to achieve and restructure your training to get to that next level.
But if you are on the opposite side of the fence and found it hard, difficult and tedious, then maintenance might be your best move.

Difference between Progress and Maintenance
We are not all destine attain absolute peak potential (Olympic status), it takes time, dedication and utter perseverance. The idea is to find a healthy balance between being fit, active, healthy and happy. You need to make sure that pushing yourself to the limit isn’t going to lead to you burning out, It need to be sustainable. Some people find going to the gym for 2hr a day great, but as their priorities change so will their training schedule. Find the balance that suits you