Winter is Coming…


I know at the moment they weather is great in Wollongong and personal training outdoors is great! BUT like in Game of Thrones … Winter Is Coming, so do you have your game plan set to stay fit during the colder months?

Training through winter can be challenging so if you head out now and pick up what you need, you can stay snug as a bug during those cold mornings.

So here are the top 5 new fitness toys to buy so you can stay committed to training in winter.

  1. Thermal Tights

The idea of tights can be a daunting thought for some men, but we must listen to our better half and embrace the tights this winter. Thermal tights create a barrier of warmth and fit great, so they are ideal to run or exercise in this winter. If you are asking yourself… “I always see women running around in them”… well there’s your answer.

  1. Weather Proof Shell.

I have the most amazing training jacket, which is warm and great to move around in… for the first 5 min. After that I’m overheating and need to take it off. My solution to this is layering my clothes so I can exercise outside on those cold Wollongong mornings at the right temperature. With a good waterproof shell, you can place a hoodie, long sleeve shirt or even singlet on underneath, and slowly take an item off as you warm up. This will keep you at the right temperature and happily exercising even in the rain.

  1. Fitness Tracker

If you really want to stay motivated, look at purchasing a fitness tracking device. A good fitness tracker will help you to measure your heart rate and track your weekly exercise expenditure. It will also help you to stay accountable during the only winter months, making sure you know how much exercise you are actually doing. Not just cutting your workouts short due to the cold weather.

  1. App your life

There are plenty of different app’s these days which focus on exercise, but find one which has a structured program like “couch to 5 km”. A structured program will give you a solid goal which you will need to completing each week, this will also see you progress during winter, not just maintain. If you are after a heap of good app’s which we love to workout with then send us a message on Facebook, we are happy to provide you with a great list.

  1. Illuminating Alarm clock

This is by far the best invention ever and its designed for those people who hate getting out of bed. An Illuminating alarm clock has a inbuilt light which mimics the rising sun as you start to wake. The light gradually comes on over a 30min period which aids in your bodies natural ability to wake up. Light stops our brain from releasing melatonin (chemical which helps us sleep) so waking us becomes easier. I have one of these alarm clocks and it is great for anyone who struggles to wake up in the morning.

So there you are, Everything you need to stay keep fit in Wollongong over the winter months. Keeping fit during winter can be hard, but with a bit of good technology you can make a waking up on those cold mornings easy! wait… easier.